By far the most widespread and social of all the races, the elves populate every kingdom in the Adhemlenei. In fact, they are the ones who invented the notion of a kingdom and government, although the griffons and dragons agree that they are useful notions. The unicorns have no opinion on the matter. They believe they are the oldest of all the races, and none of the other races bother to disabuse them of this belief for the most part.


Generally, elves are tall (nearly seven feet tall, on average) and slender.

Shared culture

Besides the feudal system that governs their everyday lives, the elves have also established a more subtle and perhaps more insidious ranking system: that of generation. Those in the original four tribes or clans that left the Yalekedma in different directions are known as First-born, although Zela Muikalla is known as The First-Born because she never left the forest. Their children are the Second-born, and their children the Third-born, and so on. If a child is born to two parents of different generations, that child is the generation after the higher number - so Flairé, son of Flaer (Second-born) and Zela (First-born), would be Third-born.

List of characters who are elves

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