Name: Flaer Flaré
Name meaning: Valiant Nobleson
Birth rank: Second-born
Rank: prince (Nieron) (later king (Nion))
Race: elf
Place of origin: Lilemlen
Height: 7'3"
Hair colour: black
Eye colour: green
Voice type: tenor
Voice match:
Occupation: prince, diplomat, king

Flaer, Crown Prince of the Lilemlen, is the elder son of King Flar and Queen Stialia and the older brother of Prince Lyrestan. He is the husband of Zela and the father of Flairé, Flaria, Menad, Marteth, Bayn, Gullac, and Mathaning.


Flaer was born in the village that stood where Lilahcol would someday be built. He was protective towards his younger brother, until Lyrestan proved that he didn't need such helping, but Flaer always relied heavily on his best friend and bodyguard, Gyoriing. As he grew older and followed his father's ambition to build a great city, he was a dynamic force in aiding him. He mostly lived in the city, administrating, until tales of and threats toward Muikalla drew him rather recklessly out of the city and into the Yalekedma to attempt to protect her. In the end he didn't manage to do much, but he kept visiting the Yalekedma, courting Zela, until she agreed to marry him. A lot of people were angered or disgusted by his choice, but he dismissed their interference. Flar's wedding present to them was to make Flaer Lord of Lirar-Moihh in place of Kafrinon, Gyoriing's grandfather.


Flaer is often easily underestimated. He is a quiet, gentle, agreeable, honourable man, but he picks his battles carefully and won't give up when he feels he needs to win. He is not much of a fighter, but in persuasive speaking he can be charismatic and mesmerizing; his powers are on par with Princess Muila, though he doesn't have her political savvy. However, he is not stupid. He strives to be the best leader, husband, father that he can be, and looks up very much to his own father. He takes the failures of his people personally, although he is not so naive as to think that he is personally responsible for all the terrible things that have happened to them. An artist who loves music, writing, and poetry, sometimes a dreamer, he seeks out beauty in every location and situation.

Skills, Abilities, Personal Belongings

  • Flaer plays harp and occasionally writes music.
  • Flaer is charismatic and an extremely persuasive public speaker, able to sway most crowds and individuals to his side.


Modern Theme Songs:

  • Smetana: Sarka (from Ma Vlast) (I know there’s a story – just ignore the story)
  • John Williams: Dream March from The Red Pony
  • I See Fire by Ed Sheeran

Favourite colour: lavender

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