Name: Gullac Idmwenn
Name meaning: Irony Swiftflight
Rank: prince
Race: elf
Place of origin: Lilemlen
Height: 6'11"
Hair colour: russet
Eye colour: green
Voice type: baritone
Voice match: √Čric Beaudry
Occupation: prince, rogue, scoundrel, crooner, ladies' man

Gullac is the second-youngest son of Flaer and Zela.



Gullac aspires to become the epitome of the trickster archetype. Unfortunately, this gets in the way of his other goal, that of an incorrigible skirt-chaser who makes women smile. In both these roles, he loves fun and games and teasing. He's a showoff, whether it's of his amazing acrobatic skills, or his warm, deep voice. He loves going on dates, and tries to date every woman he can at least once, and claims it's for their amusement more than his own - but he derives great enjoyment from female company.

Skills, Abilities, Personal Belongings

  • Knife-fighter: while Zela and Gyoriing have trained her children in the use of all weapons, Gullac specializes in knives and has a huge collection.
  • Acrobat: Gullac is ridiculously flexible and quick


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