Name: Gyoriing
Name meaning: Steadfastlaughter
Birth rank: Third-born
Rank: knight (Akalion)
Race: elf
Place of origin: Lilemlen
Height: 7'8"
Hair colour: brown
Eye colour: blue
Voice type: baritone
Voice match:
Occupation: knight, bodyguard, friend, mentor

Gyoriing is the General of the Knights of Lilemlen and the bodyguard/best friend of Prince Flaer. He is the husband of Princess Layalin (and father of three), and mentor to both Sitrelawan and Marteth.


Gyoriing has been Flaer's firm friend since they were both small children, and despite their differing personalities they have always been firm friends, relying on each other constantly, though Flaer more on Gyoriing as the years went on and he grew into his role as prince of the Moon-land. He met and fell in love with Princess Layalin of the Nunathoemlen around the same time that Flaer met and loved Zela, but Gyoriing had a more difficult time with his courting as Layalin's mother Gaila opposed their marriage.


Gyoriing is a calm person with great patience and a sly sense of humour. He is easily-forgiving and affectionate to his close friends. In his role as a knight he is exceptionally dutiful and strict, keeping those under him in order. He is intelligent and can act on his own initiative when necessary. He and Flaer can practically read each other’s minds. In speech he is reasonable, but will brook no nonsense from those he trains. He adores Layalin to a fault, and his children as well.

Skills, Abilities, Personal Belongings

  • If it's designed for combat, Gyoriing knows how to use it. If it's not designed for combat, he knows how to use it for combat anyway.
  • Weaponry: Gyoriing’s kit can range from a single broadsword to resembling a walking armoury. It depends on what he feels like that day. His weapons include the broadsword, a halberd, a longbow, a mace, three throwing daggers, and a set of nunchaku.
  • Shield: Gyoriing often fights with a shield in one hand, relying less on his agility or armour than other characters. Unless he’s using the nunchaku.
  • Layalin’s Necklace: Layalin gifted Gyoriing with this golden necklace when they told each other of their love.
  • He can also play the cello.


Modern Theme Song:

  • Mark Knopfler: Irish Boy
  • Captain America March (Captain America (2011))

Favourite colour: yellow

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