The Lilemlen, the Kingdom of the Moon (Lil=moon, emlen=kingdom), was founded and ruled by Flar and Stialia. It is the most diverse of all the kingdoms, for no single non-elf race lives in all the kingdoms but representatives of all three spend time there. It is the most central of all the Adhemlenei and the most important.


Lilemlen is the most central of all the Four Kingdoms, and is mainly covered in forests and farmland, although there are some mountains near the coast. The main feature of the kingdom is the Kedmrulna, the Forest River, which flows south from the Nunathoemlen, through the Yalekedma, and then west to the sea at Lirar-Moihh. There is a highway that runs parallel to it all the way from the Nunathoemlen through Lilahcol, the capital, and to Lirar-Moihh, but most trade runs along the river except for certain rapids along the way.
Lilahcol is situated in a wide curve of Kedmrulna some two or three days' travel south of the Yalekedma. It is surrounded by farmland and many villages but the forest is never beyond the horizon.
Lirar-Moihh, on the coast at the mouth of the Kedmrulna, is the second-greatest city, growing rich and prosperous with sea trade. It is on the northern edge of the Kedmrulna Delta, and the Delta itself has many scattered fishing villages. There are settlements in the coastal mountains to the north and south of the Delta, but it is forbidden that any sign of them be visible from the sea. However, getting to them is easy enough, following the roads from Lirar-Moihh.
In the north-western portion of the country, there is a high plateau between the coastal mountains and the Kedmrulna valley where there is more grassland than forest; this is where the horse-tribes originated. While horses have spread to all the corners of the Adhemlenei, the Lilemlenei of all the elves value them most. There are several small cities in this region.
The Yalekedma is one of the most-loved, if most-feared places in the Lilemlen, even in all of the Adhemlenei - for it is believed that the elves had their origins there. Zela Muikalla still lived there when almost all others lived in the villages and cities, but she was an exception. It is tame enough near the highway, but travelers do not stray from it or from the river. The forest itself takes up a wide swath of the north-eastern Lilemlen, although to the south closer to Lilahcol it fades into gentler woods.
The very eastern-most side of the country is quite dry and filled with rocky ridges, close to the Aarhckemlen.


The Lilemlen was 'founded' first of all the kingdoms, although Lilahcol was only a farming village and not built as a great city until Flar visited Yohcol in the Nunathoemlen and saw what could be possible if the status quo was broken in an ambitious way. The building of Lilahcol itself was an attempt to create the greatest city on the continent, although Flar had not seen Aarhckahcol and could not know how impressive it was until later. Still, it was created with all of the four races in mind, and all four of them had a hand in building it: Flar wanted a city in which every person would be welcome no matter their size or shape.


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