Name: Shlaes
Name meaning: cloud
Birth rank: First-born
Rank: queen
Race: elf
Place of origin: Aarhckemlen
Hair colour: white
Eye colour: brown
Voice type: soprano
Voice match:

Queen of the Aarhckemlen and wife of Kirstril. Mother of Kesshlaes.


Shlaes followed Kirstril and Tseo, her best friends and the leaders of their clan, east-ward from the Yalekedma, and when Tseo courted her, she did not say no - until she realized that he was a very selfish person. Then she rejected him firmly. When Kirstril attempted to court her immediately, she refused him too - at least until he proved himself a bit more thoughtful than Tseo, and that he needed her at his side to inspire him to be a better person. She became his queen, bore his child, and shut herself up in the tallest tower of the city he built with endless piles of books and paintings. Kirstril must now visit her daily, because she hates to mingle with the court. It is an occasion of note if Queen Shlaes descends from her tower, and even more of an occasion if she speaks in public.


Shlaes is painfully introverted and spends most of her time in the Queen's Tower in the capital city; she flies with her dragon partner at night to avoid the crowds of the day. She is very sweet and loving to her family, and she has forgiven Tseo for his youthful blunders. She is a little disappointed in her son's recklessness, but although she has much patience with him, he doesn't listen to her anymore.

Skills, Abilities, Personal Belongings

  • Shlaes paints.


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