Name: Yoia
Name meaning: Whitemaiden
Birth rank: First-born
Rank: Queen
Race: elf
Place of origin: Kiirstemlen
Height: 7'1"
Hair colour: black
Eye colour: gold
Voice type:
Voice match:
Occupation: huntress, queen, warrior

Queen of the Kiirstemlen and wife of Nu. Partnered with Lyridda.


Yoia led her clan south in search of warmer lands and found them in the wide grassy plains that became known as the Kiirstemlen.
She and her husband Nu have many many children and it is a full-time job keeping the unruly Princes and Princesses in line, let alone the rest of the Court and keeping up relations with the rest of the Adhemlenei.


Yoia is wild, fierce, and temperamental.

Skills, Abilities, Personal Belongings

*Spear: Yoia wields a trident-like spear in the hunt and in battle. She also shoots with a bow.


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