Name: Zela Muikalla
Name meaning: Beautifulsword Deerwoman
Birth rank: The First-Born
Rank: Princess (by marriage)
Race: elf
Age: oldest
Place of origin: Yalekedma
Height: 7'3"
Hair colour: brown
Eye colour: brown
Voice type: soprano
Voice match: Stéphanie Lepine (Norouet)
Occupation: dancer, warrior, wife

Elyil Zela Muikalla sha Yalekedma is known by many names: Firstborn, the Forest Demon or Forest Witch, the Wild Woman of the Woods, and Deer-Woman. She lived alone in the Yalekedma until she met and married Flaer. She is an unwilling guiding force for the Adhemlenei. She is also a close friend of Yoeath and Ahcazi, and the mother of Flairé, Flaria, Menad, Marteth, Bayn, Gullac, and Mathaning.


Zela's origins are shrouded in time, and she herself says nothing about them. No one knows how she came to live alone in the Yalekedma when most other elves lived in small settlements, if not the great cities. Because of this, she became something of a romantic symbol to the elves of the cities. She was a wild thing who ran with the deer and the wolves and the lions deep in the darkness of the Yalekedma. Most feared her, most avoided her, some tried to hunt her – without success.

Flaer was one of those who chased her, though inadvertently - he was in fact attempting to save her from being chased by the greatest hunter in the Nunathoemlen. After their meeting, their tentative relationship slowly deepened - and Flaer courted her until she agreed to marry him. She left her dark forest and joined him as he was made Lord of Lirar-Moihh in place of Kafrinon. They had seven children together.


Zela is of an extremely taciturn disposition and finds it difficult to express her thoughts and feelings with words, and only expresses herself with actions if she feels trust for the person she is expressing them to.

Skills, Abilities, Personal Belongings

  • Niangril: a long steel-bladed sword with a silver hilt. No real special properties other than being sharp, but somehow never has been broken yet.
  • She plays harp, violin, and sings


Modern Theme Songs:

  • Norouet: Marguerite, Spirale
  • Enya: Exile
  • Jeff Smallman: Lady Icicle
  • Leahy: B Minor
  • Blackmore’s Night: Darkness
  • HTTYD: anything in 6/8

Favourite colour: midnight blue

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